DeepNude App v11.5 (Mod,Unlocked/Premium) Android

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16 May 2024
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DeepNude apk was a controversial application that used deep learning algorithms to create fake nude images of women. It gained attention for its ability to generate realistic-looking nude images from regular photographs, sparking concerns about privacy and consent. DeepNude, an AI-powered app designed to generate realistic nude images from clothed photos.

What is DeepNude app?

DeepNude app was an application that used deep learning algorithms to create fake nude images from regular photographs of women. The app was designed to generate realistic-looking nude images by ‘undressing’ the subjects in the photos, using AI to add features that were not present in the original images.

Initially released in 2018, DeepNude apk quickly gained popularity among users intrigued by its unique capabilities. However, its rise was accompanied by a wave of ethical and legal concerns.

It gained popularity for its ability to generate convincing nude images, leading to its widespread use among certain communities. However, due to its controversial nature, the original developers decided to cease its distribution.

How to Use DeepNude app

DeepNude App utilized a neural network trained on thousands of images to generate realistic nude versions of the subjects in the photos. Users could simply upload a clothed photo of a person, and the app would process the image to create a nude version, which could then be saved or shared.

Using DeepNude APP Follow these steps to use it:

  • Open the DeepNude APK
  • Select a clothed image from your device’s gallery.
  • Choose the gender of the subject in the image.
  • Wait for the app to process the image.
  • View the transformed image, which will now appear as if the subject is nude.

It is crucial to remember that using DeepNude APK to create explicit images without consent is unethical and may have legal consequences.

Features of DeepNude Apk

Easy-to-Use Interface

One of the key features of DeepNude was its simple and intuitive interface. Users could easily upload a photo of a clothed person and let the app do the rest. The app would then generate a nude version of the image, giving users the ability to see what someone might look like without clothes.

Realistic Results

Despite the controversial nature of its functionality, DeepNude was praised for its ability to create realistic-looking nude images. The app used deep learning algorithms to analyze the input image and generate a nude version that closely resembled the original person.

Customization Options

DeepNude offered users various customization options to enhance the generated nude images. Users could adjust features such as breast size, body shape, and skin tone to create a more personalized image.

Mod info of DeepNude Mod apk

  • No ads
  • Unlocked premium
  • Unlocked nude images

How to Download and Install DeepNude app

  • Click on the download link on the website or platform.
  • Wait for the download to complete.
  • Locate the downloaded file on your device
  • and run the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.


DeepNude apk, an application that gained notoriety for its controversial ability to generate realistic nude images from clothed photos.from images, creating a nude-like appearance. It was designed to generate realistic-looking nude images from regular photos of clothed individuals, raising significant ethical and privacy concerns.

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