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Aug 9, 2022
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Looking for a money earning mobile game that revolves around slot machines? Win Spin is the APP for you! This money earning mobile game features only slot machines. You can play different kinds of slot machines with different themes and the best part is that you don't need to spend any real money to activate the slot machines. So you'll basically be able to earn money without the risk of losing money. That's an advantage the digital slot machines of Win Spin have over the slot machines at local casinos.

Win Spin features:

Slot machines with different themes. Basically the slot machines are all designed with a different background design but the way you play them is the same. You just need to push the spin button and the slot machine will activate. The jackpot prize money is won by players who are lucky enough to get a triple 7. Each slot machine can be played for a maximum number of 5 times before it has to enter a cool down mode. While waiting for one slot machine to cool down you can try your hand at the other slot machines. All slot machines are refreshed regardless of whether or not they have been played every 5 hours. The jackpot money prize of each slot machine varies. Most slot machines only let you earn $50 worth of money credits when you hit the triple 7 jackpot. Other slot machines let you earn $150 worth of money credits when you hit the triple 7 jackpot.

Aside from money credits playing the slot machines will also allow you to earn amazon credit points that can also be converted into paypal cash credit. You can also earn tickets that will let you participate in lucky draws. Every time you play slot machines you gain experience points that will cause you to level up. As your level increases the number of tickets that you can win from the slot machine increases. You need to have a total of 1000 tickets to participate in the lucky draw event that happens every 5 hours. So try to increase your level as much as possible because doing so will allow you to reach the 1000 ticket mark faster and increase your chances of winning the grand prize money.

Another feature of Win Spin is the lucky key which can be used to unlock trunks that contain prizes such as puzzle pieces that can be put together to create a discount voucher that can be used in online stores to purchase items. You need to have at least 3 keys to start unlocking trunks and the number of keys that you can win is carried over from one slot machine to the next. So you may win 1 key from a slot machine and 2 more keys from another slot machine to activate the lucky key feature.

You may also invite your friends to play this game and check out the score board to see your ranking when it comes to the total amount of coins and tickets that you have saved so far. Your friends can also help you earn money credits faster by completing certain tasks on your behalf.

Win Spin slot machines are not guaranteed to always hit the triple 7 jackpot prize money but they are guaranteed to always land a triple hit for the other prizes. Whether or not you can win the jackpot prize money depends purely on luck. So keep activating those slot machines because you'll never know which slot machine will give you the lucky break you are looking for. The more you spin those slot machines the higher your chances of winning the grand prize money will be. Don't give up and keep playing. Enjoy the fantistic designs of the APP's digital slot machines. You've got everything to win and nothing to lose when it comes to Win Spin!

*These games are for entertainment purposes only for people 12 years of age or older.
*This game does not cost any real money.
*Google Inc. does not sponsor Win Spin and is not related to its developers in any manner or form.
*The game does not provide "real money gambling".
*Practice with digital slot machines on casino themed mobile games does not guarantee success with real slot machines at casinos.


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