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Oct 17, 2022
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The Logic Wiz Sudoku was chosen as the Best Sudoku App and the Best Brain Training App. The Logic-Wiz Sudoku game comes in a Classic Sudoku format as well as 18 Sudoku variants. Each variant is entertaining and challenging. The Variants are divided into 8 Zones. Each zone has core Variants, some of which appear in all the boards( puzzles) of the Zone. Each Zone has 5 levels of difficulty: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.
Logic-Wiz frequently adds new Boards, Variants and Zones.
If you are looking for a free fun logic game and/or brain training game this is the place for you.

Sudoku Variants:

* Classic Sudoku
* Killer Sudoku
* Sandwich Sudoku
* Thermo Sudoku
* Diagonal Sudoku
* Arrow Sudoku
* Consecutive Sudoku
* Non-consecutive Sudoku
* Palindrome Sudoku
* Kropki Sudoku
* German Whisper Sudoku
* Chess Knight Sudoku
* Chess King Sudoku
* Bishop Sudoku
* Greater-than Sudoku
* XV Sudoku
* Reflection Sudoku
* Quadruple Sudoku

Coming soon:

Slingshot Sudoku, Slow Thermo Sudoku, Even Odd Sudoku, Between Lines Sudoku and Lockout lines Sudoku.

Puzzle Features:

* 19 Sudoku Variants: Classic, Killer, Sandwich, Palindrome, Thermo, Consecutive, Non-consecutive, Diagonal, Arrow, Kropki, XV, Reflection, Jigsaw, Greater-than, Windoku, Quadruple, Bishop, Chess King & Chess Knight.
* Thousands of beautifully handcrafted boards.
* New variants and boards are added occasionally.
* Multiple variants on a single board.
* Multiple difficulty levels from beginner to expert.
* Unique solution to each puzzle.
* All boards designed and created by Logic-Wiz.

Game Features:

* Smart Hints to help and teach.
* Gallery game view.
* Play multiple quests & games concurrently.
* Cloud Sync – Synchronize your progress over multiple devices.
* Keep Screen Awake.
* Light and Dark Theme.
* Sticky digit mode.
* Filter by your favorite variants.
* Remaining cells of a digit.
* Select multiple cells at once.
* Select multiple cells at distributed locations of the board.
* Multiple pencil marks styles.
* Double notation.
* Auto remove pencil marks.
* Highlight matching digits and pencil marks.
* Multiple error modes.
* Performance tracking for each puzzle.
* Statistics and Accomplishments.
* Unlimited Undo/Redo.
* Various cell marking options- highlights and symbols
* Combinations Panel for Killer and Sandwich boards.
* Track and improve solving time.
* Board preview.
* Eight playing zones.
* In Progress Icon – Easy resumption of unfinished boards.
* Mobile Phones and Tablets.

What's new

Hello Sudoku lovers, a new release with an exciting new variant and various enhancements. We hope you like this release.

In This Release:
- New Premium Variant: Slingshot, core variant in Wild West.
- Addition to the Killer variant: Cages with no sum, the only killer rule that applies to these cages is that digits cannot repeat in a cage.
- New puzzles in all zones and levels.
- Additional various enhancements and bug fixes.


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