Solitaire: Fishing Go!

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?Solitaire: Fishing Go! is a Klondike Solitaire card game with a CREATIVE fishing gameplay. Love
playing card games? Train your brain with our challenging solitaire games and become the king of
fishing games! Play classic solitaire games, go fishing for cute ocean fish, and decorate your own aquarium!

Basic solitaire is perfectly combined with fishing games in Solitaire: Fishing Go! Get all the best solitaire card games with the unique fishing feature in one app! Immerse yourself in the undersea solitaire world by collecting dozens of ocean fish, such as Clownfish, Yellow Tang, Pufferfish, Goldfish, Clown Triggerfish, Sailfish, Pirate Captain, Fairy fish, etc.

Try playing card games underwater in Solitaire: Fishing Games today!


Klondike Solitaire Games Free
• Draw 1 Card
• Draw 3 Cards
• All Winning Deals
• Unlimited Free Undos
• Unlimited Free Hints
• Left-handed Solitaire Mode
• Magic Wand
• No Moves Alert
• Customizable Card Faces, Backs & Animation
• Auto-Complete Option to win solved Klondike Games

Solitaire With Fishing Games
A Classic Klondike Solitaire card game with amazing ocean themes & creative fishing gameplay! Play solitaire, go fishing & decorate your aquariums!
• Fishing Games – Complete solitaire deals, earn coin rewards and go fishing for ocean creatures!
• Solitaire Undersea World – Enjoy your Klondike Solitaire tour while playing solitaire games free!
• Fish Collections – Collect fish in the fishing games & complete Fish Collections for free rewards!
• Decorate Aquariums – Unlock aquariums with different themes while playing solitaire card games.
• Star Prize – Play classic solitaire card games to open star boxes and win beautiful card backs.

Solitaire: Fishing Games is the best Klondike Solitaire card game for you with a unique super-fun
fishing game feature and a marvelous ocean theme! Go fishing now and explore the mysterious solitaire undersea world. If you enjoy playing solitaire games free like spider solitaire, freecell, pyramid solitaire, tiki solitaire, or other basic solitaire card games, try our solitaire games free now.
No WIFI required!

Basic solitaire with a twist! Play Klondike Solitaire card games for free, go fishing, unlock decorations & aquariums! If you like playing card games or brain games, don’t hesitate to download this klondike solitaire card game now!

Welcome to the most POPULAR and CREATIVE solitaire card game & offline fishing games 2022!


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