Shift Princess: Race for girls

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? Who said mermaid, fairy and princesses can't race? They can and do it very successfully. Shift Princess is a race game for girls, a real brain training
where everyone can feel like a real racer!
What is the essence of the racing game?
Car games for girls are distinguished by their colorfulness, simplicity of functionality and an exciting storyline. You just need to install the shift race game from GooglePlay or AppStore, click on the screen and that's it, the gameplay begins! No tedious registrations, confirmations or verifications. Everything is done so that interesting racing games will please you.
??‍♀️ Fairies, princesses, fairy or mermaid? Make your choice and play this racing game!
From the very first run, you will need to decide when to play which character. After all, your task is to collect as many coins as possible in the shift race.
If the level in the brain training is built in such a way that the whole path is a straight area, where the chariot and the princess on it will pass, then the right decision would be to opt for this character. Do you see that the coins are too high for the princess to reach them? Then quickly switch the mode to fairy! And if, on the contrary, the bonuses are spread deep under water, the mermaid will help you with this. Drive ahead! Race game for girls can get you into the game much more than you think.
Install the princess run and see for yourself!
? Are Shift Princess car games for girls only?
Princesses, fairy and mermaid are most often associated with girls. The young princess will really appreciate such beautiful games that are so bright and addictive. But don't limit yourself to stereotypes! Such shifting games on a smartphone can amuse people of all ages and any gender.
For example, when creating this shift race game, we planned that first of all it would be car games for girls. But we also tried to add as many different levels of various difficulties as possible to the race game for girls so that the arcade would be interesting to everyone who downloads it. If your age is more than 4 years old, feel free to install the game, there are no more restrictions!
Benefits of playing Shift Princess:
• Vivid plots and the ability to play several characters at once. Princesses, fairy or maybe mermaid? It's up to you to decide!
• Simple and straightforward functionality of brain training game. Both a child and an adult will immediately understand the principle of the racing game and join the process.
• Levels that differ in the difficulty of the tracks. The princess and other characters will definitely not let you get bored.
• If you enter the race game for girls every day, a fresh portion of new bonus points will be waiting for you.
• Competition mode is available on some levels. Can you reach the finish line faster than your opponent in the racing game? Let's find out!

? Shift race princess is brain training game for girls who know a lot about speed and competition! A modern young princess will definitely be able to collect all the coins and quickly reach the finish line in this car racing. Install car games for girls as soon as possible and start playing addictive games!



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