Scary granny house

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Welcome to horror house of evil Granny ?
You wake up in a terrible small room as in all mansion escape games.
You do not see anything around, and you do not hear anything, but you know it's not good to stay here, grandma is like scary teacher and will eat you if she found. Ghosts scurry around the corridor. Your mission is to stay alive and escape this horror mansion. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. It will be hard. ?

Evil monster granny 2
On your way there will be closed doors, the keys to which are hidden in different parts of this scary house. You should find all of them.
But that’s not all that will prevent you from finding the path to freedom: something awful beside grandma scurries between rooms in search of fresh blood and flesh! ?
Find the way out of this fear house, but you should be careful — maybe it's already behind you!

Granny mods: бабушка
You should be excited to hide & run away from grandma and grandpa if you like Granny games! Ghosts seek & feel your phobia. Never seen before fear mansion is the main advantage of this scary game.

Hide and Seek games features:
• Smooth & Easy Controls
• Amazing Horror Sounds
• High Quality Scary Games 3D Graphics
• New Terrible House Escape Features
• Big Map & Many Ways
• Realistic horror grandma & grandpa
• Difficult to escape from the fear house
• Open to Your Requests Young Team!


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