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Sep 30, 2022
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Its to good to eat food but when you eat food in asmrr mukbang style you are up for a treat. Welcome to asmr eating game and fill your appetite like a true fan of mukbang. If you love mukbang, asmr eating, asmr food then this asmr game will give you the true feel of mega mukbang and mukbangs are all about eat your heart out. Eating food in mukbang style is the way to go if you really want to eat your heart out. This asmr game cook simulator will keep you relax and give you the experience to enjoy cooking games like never before. No more food fight when you know can cook your own food in this cooking simulator and food cooking at its best when you take all the ingredients from the supermarket. Asmr eating games at its best with everything in it and while you eat don’t get fat. Play Mukbang – Asmr Eating game and feel like true foodie.

Mukbang style:
You go to the supermarket in this cooking game, take all the ingredients from the supermarket and start your food cooking in this cooking simulator. Make yourself fat and eat the rich food in this cooking game. After your visit to supermarket next step is cooking food and you can only cook food when you have all the ingredients so make sure you take everything you need for this epic food fight asmr game. Start cooking food and put all the ingredients in your pot only you know the recipe so don’t make mistakes as this can ruin your asmr food experience in this cook simulator. Eating asmr is the trending way to make yourself calm and relax so don’t hurry while food cooking in the second step of cooking simulator. After completing the second step the next turn is to make the eating food look desirable so that your asmrr cooking games experience doesn’t get spoiled. Then the main task comes eating food and while food eat you don’t get distracted from anything all your hard work from supermarket to making asmrr food for yourself will get ruined so make sure that your hungry monster is up for this treat in eat games. Tasty planet eater game where you eat the rich food all by yourself so you can make yourself happy while eating your food, drinking your fizzy drinks and eat as much as you want because mukbang videos are not fun if they are not eaten in true asmr eating in mega mukbang style. Enjoy asmr eating games and be a true food champion.

Make asmr breakfast, asmrr lunch or dinner its your choice because in these eating games you are free to do anything in your own asmr restaurant eating simulator. The most appetizing eating game where you do everything from buying things, making them and eating in mukbang style. The eating simulator with everything from making to eating you can enjoy it all.

Things to do:
Food eat as this is the main thing while making a mukbang, make asmr breakfast at asmr restaurant to fill your appetite in this eater game. The newest style of eating games where you do everything yourself buy food, make it and have it in Mukbang – ASMR Eating style. Your eat game should be A grade as this eating game is not for light food eater but for the actual food fighters.
Make your character and feed him things from ramen to sushi, cookies and noodles or any kind of thing you want and if you watch mukbang videos you are going to love this food simulator game.


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