Monster Survival – Hit & Run

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Mod Features:

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Monster Survival is an action game which has more than 20 magic skills that can be chosen?. Completely defeat the monster wave with the skills combined with the magic contained in the game. Let’s move smartly to get rid of the millions of monsters that attack you in a matter of minutes. Your task will become more difficult over time because the monster waves will become more and thicker, and you will have less chance to run away.
Don't worry you can overcome this incredibly difficult challenge with your superior intellect. Your mission is to fight and upgrade the power of your warrior, as the warrior's power increases combined with the wise way of moving you completely escape from the huge wave of monsters.
Run until you can kill all the monsters in the limited time. Monsters will not stop surrounding you, you must use your amazing skill to create maximum damage for the monster to find a way out.
Be careful you will face with monster boss it’s time to use all the skills that you have upgraded before. When you defeat the boss monster, you will be given gift boxes it has amazing things you will need to continue to survive amid the crowd of monsters.

Game Features
?️There are many monsters in the game.
️?30+ skill sets for warriors.
?The large space is not limited in terms of area as well as the number of monsters.
⚡Unlimited warrior skills.
⚜️Beautiful game graphic effects.
?Improve survival skills.

How to play
?Move warriors to attack monsters.
?Collect lots of diamonds.
?Upgrade the strength of warriors.
? Upgrade warrior skills.
?Move in the direction of the fewest monsters.
?Avoid colliding with waves of monsters.
?Run away from the monsters to reach the finish line.
Monster Survival is an action game combined with survival. You can overcome the challenges in the game if you have the great strategy.

?Download now! Show your fighting and survival skills in the Monster Survival games.


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