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Aug 12, 2022
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Gnome Diggers – a single-user tycoon where your gnomes develop mines and gather resources. Level up your workers, discover new deposits, earn money from selling minerals and become a real gold magnate!

However, in order to win, digging soil won’t be enough. For your gold mine to provide income, it is important to develop your own tactic, efficiently distribute gold and invest, so that your gnome digs faster.

Let’s take a closer look at Gnome Diggers, and find out why this game will keep you busy for a long time!

Game mechanics
The game is divided into levels – mines, in which your gnomes mine gold. Every level is different, and each mine is filled with unique loot which you have to get. The loot could be gold, crystals, chests and various upgrades which your gnomes can use to dig more efficiently.

To start playing you need to create workers using the surface forge, but you need resources to train units. Distribute the resources correctly and level up – e.g. you can merge two second-level gnome diggers into a third-level gnome digger.

Then, you need to place the mines and set the mining direction. You can dig downwards or sideways. Use this to mine precious resources and gold, primarily.

After this the gnome diggers will automatically mine downwards and upgrade the gold mine, providing resources and opening up new levels.

Upgrading and mining
Mining and the correct distribution of resources is the difference between a successful mine and a disaster. Select the worker’s level correctly and choose the mining direction so that your gnome digger can mine resources more effectively.

Make sure your gnomes first smash the precious blocks with gold and ore, and spend the gained resources on development. Create new characters and upgrades to speed up the process.

Idle miner
With time, the mine will get more and more complicated, and every new gold mine will need more time than the previous one.

When the first gnome is ready and you give him the order to dig down, you can put the game aside – the work will continue automatically whilst saving the progress. The mine will work on its own and you can return at any time, collect resources and continue upgrading even when you don’t have time for active gameplay.

Quick progress and plenty of updates
The game is perfect for those that do not like to wait!

You learn to play in-game, and you will get the hang of the controls and gameplay in no time. The game does not restrict your progress – you will keep upgrading your gold mine quickly and effectively, without getting stuck on the same levels.

And with the frequent updates with new mechanics, mines and miners will never let you feel bored!

Gold and mines await you – join Gnome Diggers and try yourself as a mine tycoon. Mine gold and other treasures, discover new lands and miners, upgrade tools and climb to the very top of the leaderboard!

What's new

We've expanded our shop so now you can buy Items and craft Artifacts right away!
We've added a new location - Sand Mine!
We also fixed some bugs



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