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Nov 1, 2022
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Gachinko Tennis can now be played with this application, including the sequel. However, video ad viewing is required. Sorry.

–Gachinko Tennis
Gachinko Tennis lets you serve up a variety of slices and endure intense rallies in elimination rounds of tennis.

Win games and earn experience points to spend on upgrading skills. You can configure 10 different skills and learn up to 7 kinds of serves. You'll go up against more than 10 opponents with a diverse array of specialties ranging from masterful strokes and volleys to supersonic serves.

In addition to the elimination mode, Gachinko Tennis also features exhibition play in which you face off against only 1 player. Save your progress at any time so you can enjoy the game anywhere, whether you're relaxing at home or on the go.

Oh, and about your final opponent… This ultimate foe is just what you need if you really take your gaming seriously because he keeps on coming back for more…up to a limit, that is. If you're not so hard core though, then maybe you should just try and beat him 5 times and leave it at that.

Check out Gachinko Tennis!

–Gachinko Tennis 2
Gachinko Tennis 2, the sequel to Gachinko Tennis, is a singles tennis game.

Pull off more shots in this latest version: lobs, drops and smashes! Improvements in this version make the ball fly along a more realistic tragectory – just like in real tennis!

* Changes in Gachinko Tennis 2
– Make lob, drop and smash shots.
– Make curving slice shots.
– Improved ball trajectory.
– You and opponents can use two-handed backhand strokes.
– Cord balls are allowed except on serves (to make the game more realistic).
– Save unused experience points for later.
– Shortened, more realistic reach during volleys for you and your opponents.
– And more!

What's new

Gachinko Tennis can now be played with this application, including the sequel.
Targeting a newer OS.
Use of more up-to-date libraries.
Improvement of stability


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