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Sep 20, 2022
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Welcome to mini block craft open world sandbox games with no limits where you create your own adventure & creative games ! Build a house , decorate rooms, develop a settlement to a whole city or explore an endless block world of cubes ! Mine resources, create armor, weapons and hand tools for comfortable mini block craft . Get resources and ore, process it into valuable materials to build a house or reliable hut on eerskraft island! Catch fish, hunt, breed livestock on your own territory! Explore endless underground mines guarded by spiders and skeletons, choose the right skin for your character and explore more than 30 unique eerskraft biomes (winter, desert, mountains, islands) with a block world of cubes features & creative games for all times and environments !

Open world sandbox games: you have an infinite number of blocks, items and tools in your inventory – show your imagination and build your dream mini block craft house on a block world of cubes island! Find a suitable place and start with a small eerskraft house and develop it to a full-fledged large settlement! Spawn animals for your own farm, decorate rooms with a wide range of decor and furniture, and share your achievements with your friends! Create your own unforgettable mini craft adventures!

Survival raft mode: Realistic hardcore wilderness survival craft mode on a deserted block world of cubes island! Mine the necessary resources and use them to create tools, armor and mini craft materials to build a house & unique shelter! Go hunting and fishing to feed yourself and defend against aggressive mobs and skeletons in dungeons and more! Learn various eerskraft recipes and find unique loot for development and your mini block craft adventure & creative games will be unforgettable!

Our open world sandbox games are a great set of content and tools to implement all your ideas!

Games features:

– Over 300 unique blocks, items and mini craft tools to build a house and decorate rooms
– Over 30 unique biomes in a block world of cubes with different vegetation, weather conditions and temperatures!
– A large number of peaceful and hostile animals with the ability to spawn and create your own farm and land
– Unique achievements, 1st and 3rd person camera, eerskraft character skins), survival craft mode and open world sandbox games
– The mini craft game does not require a permanent connection to the Internet and is available offline and much more awaits you inside!

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