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Oct 26, 2022
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Codenames is a game of guessing which code words in a set are related to a hint-word given by another player.

?Check out Codenames multiplayer online free word game inspired by the fun board game. The game is ideal for spending some quality time with your family & friends, no matter how far you are. Play with your friends & family online or offline and improve your vocabulary in a new way. ?

In Codenames, two teams compete to decode their team's codewords from the board on the screen, based on the instructions received from their spymaster. The spy master gives one-word clues that point to multiple codewords on the board. The respective teammates or the spies, try to decipher those words while avoiding the other team’s code word. There's also a black word that causes a team to lose immediately, if selected. So, the spy master has to be very careful in word association so his team can find the answer.
The game is designed for 4 or more people. I am sure you would be aware of other brain games like Spyfall and scythe, where you had to be masterminds to decode the solution. This is an easier version. ?

Use the amazing collection of code words and be the best code breaker for your friends. Challenge them on the grid based duet braingame.


▪️ ???You need to divide yourself into two teams- blue & red.
▪️ Each player has a different role, you get to pick between the Spy Master ?️ and the team member ?️.
▪️ The game starts with a collection of randomly generated words, each word has a color that could be blue, red, or yellow. ?
▪️ Only the Spy Masters can see the colors and will give one-word clues that can point to multiple blue words or red words. Watch out for the killer card – choosing it means a failure!
▪️ Using these clues, the members of the blue team/red team try to guess all the blue words/red words while avoiding the yellow ones and the black to stay put in the game.
▪️ The first team to guess all the words in their color wins! ?


▪️ Test your word association skills, see if you can come up with clues that point to a maximum of seemingly unrelated words and be the code master. ?
▪️ Challenge the connection you have with your friend in the 2 player word association game for each team, will you be able to break the code of the game together??
▪️ You get to play the splendor board game without any other gadget and can even use the board game timer ! ?

So, what are you waiting for boardgamegeek? ?

? Looking for a code breaking game, download the codenames app now for some coup word-guessing fun! You can even check out the videos of ryan higa on youtube playing this game for better understanding.
Neither the app designer nor the app is associated with Vlaada Chvatil or Czech Games Edition.

* This is my attempt to improve the word management for the 2 team spymaster. The app helps you to have all your words on a single screen so you can better think of ways of combining them.
The application has been inspired by the Polish language version of the game “Codenames” owned by the Czech Game Edition.


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