Beggar Life 2 – Clicker Advent


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Sep 13, 2022
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Mod Features:

  • No Account Required
  • Coins
  • No Ads
  • Mod work on all Android mobiles
  • Gems
  • 4K Support
  • Easy to install
  • Free to download (
  • All Region
  • No need to root android

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◆ Beggar Life 2 is done in the following way:1. Making money
[Click]: You can make money using a click (tab).
[Part-time]: You can increase money automatically by hiring Convenience store part-timer .
[Asset]: You can buy assets and get a market profit.
[Company]: You can acquire a company to gain market profits and profits.
[Country]: You can take over a country and collect money from the people.
[Bank]: You can deposit in a bank to get interest.2. Spending money
[One penny village]: It is used to use various places in one penny village.
[Others]: Money is spent on upgrades and employment, purchases, costumes, and so on.3. Collecting
[Story Card]: Collect story cards of people you meet in one penny village.
[Item]: Increase boss beggar's capacity.
[Background]: Modify the background screen with the background you get when you travel at the airport.
[Costume]: Buy and collect various clothing of boss beggar at a shopping mall in one penny village.
Be the richest man in the world with a dynamic clicker adventure system!
Questions: [email protected]

What's new

1.8.3. Update!

[ Island ]
- New Asset! 10 islands Added.

[ Dance skin ]
- Added having effect: each part-timer’s gold per second buff +15%

[ Gold Buff ]
- 1.5x or 2x gold buff for ads!

[ Auto-touch ]
- effect changed : Apply immediately 10 touches per second.
- (Basic) 10 minutes after watching an ad.
- (When purchasing the auto-touch product) Permanent(on/off)

[ Shop ]
- Added new products and packages.
- Changed Bulk purchase of dance skin’ -> ‘Dance Skin Package’

[ ETC ]
- bug fixed.


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