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Nov 2, 2022
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Find yourself the king of puzzle games? Looking for a game that combines relaxation, decompression, brainstorming, visual enjoyment and achievement? Congratulations! You've found Ball Journey – Pull Pins Out!

Ball Journey – Pull Pins Out has the simple but addictive gameplay that requires a certain amount of skills and experience. The game starts out simple enough with just a few pins need to pull, but as you level up and gain experience, you'll need to think more. Be careful! If you are not strategic enough, with a "boom", you lose the game and shall restart it.

In addition to the simple level passing mechanics, Ball Journey – Pull Pins Out also offers you a personalized gaming experience. Players will unlock various styles of balls, pins, tracks, trucks, as well as beautiful game backgrounds, dazzling game animation effects and so on. Each player is allowed to design your own personalized game page.

Game Features:
▶︎ Gameplay: Smartly arrange the move order of pins. Then, the ball will fall along the track under the feature of gravity and finally be collected in the truck. Truck with full balls can make a successful drive. Or else, the game will be over.

▶︎ There are both colored balls and gray balls in the game. It should be noted that the gray balls should be colored before falling into the truck. Gray balls can be successfully dyed when they touch colored balls. Take colored balls in your journey instead of gray ones.

▶︎ Attention! There will be bombs scattered on the track. Bomb explosions will destroy tracks or trucks, which cause you lose balls and finally cannot finish the journey successfully.

▶︎ You can keep challenging youself, we will not set limits for you, cuz we've prepared surely enough levels for you to challenge!

Join Ball Journey – Pull Pins Out now, spend time with players all over the world and enrich your leisure time!

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