용사 여관 – 킹덤 거상의 장사와 경영 게임


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Sep 29, 2022
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You are a retired warrior who runs an ordinary inn in the Kingdom.
One day, due to the resurrection of the Demon King, the Kingdom fell into a great crisis again.
You must help the warriors prepare for a deadly counterattack against the Demon King.
Craft and sell legendary rare items and build and expand your inn in style.
Now the fate of the kingdom is up to you!

◆ Let's run the inn in the fantasy world yourself!
– Recommended for users looking for a different RPG.
– The fun of directly managing a fantasy inn in games and movies.
– Hire the best mercenaries and rebuild the kingdom.

◆ Hire a legendary craftsman to make the best weapon
– Collect rare materials to create your own special equipment!
– Let's get the reputation of the best merchants and customers through trading.

◆ Hire mercenaries to collect "King's Stones" and rebuild the kingdom
– Hire attractive mercenaries to battle the strongest dragon.
– Provide comfortable lodging and meals for mercenaries to maintain their best condition

◆ Let's make a ryokan in your own style!!
– Build various styles of inns such as humans, dwarves, and elves

◆ Let's raise dragons and horses with love
– Dragon and horse breeding system.
– Become a bounty hunter and hire the worst bounty as a mercenary.

◆ Collectible RPG X Idle X Management Simulation Perfect Collaboration!!
– Original gameplay
– New concept idle RPG

Be sure to download these!

Those who are looking for a new type of RPG
Those who prefer a unique concept management simulation game
Those who are looking for a fun fantasy game of craft
Those who prefer to build and expand their own kingdom
Those who prefer management games to grow their business and become rich
Those who hire and grow attractive mercenaries and prefer strategic battles
◆A person who prefers a self-growth neglect type, raising game
◆Eternal warriors whose passion has not cooled down!!

The GM owner promises to operate with sincerity.

□ Official cafe address:
□ Contact e-mail address:[email protected]



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