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Sep 12, 2022
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"Only from one love
This history has begun…"

This is set in a different world where the sun no longer rises.
A dating game for girls who want to go on a journey to bring back the sun, while encountering "Tsukiyo Boys" including Shinsaku Takasagi!
Imagine with You in Ace of Sea
Do you want to have fun with the love of Tuk Yomi Boy, your favorite girl dating sim?

◆The Beginning of Story◆

One day, you suddenly appear in the another world. The name of the world is "Hino adventure"
It was a fun-colored world where the sun did not rise.

The "Tsukuyomi Boys" who met in another world ——all of them have the same name as the Japanese greats.
You have decided to embark on the journey with the boys as Tetsuyomi as a “Sun Miko” while looking for a way to get back to their original world…

◆Love story of love and bond◆
Along with the main story about the journey to restore the sun, there is a character story for all the Tuk Yomi boys. You can enjoy each story by raising your boys and leveling up. .
What's more, your choices will change the ending of the story and change his costume……?

◆Easy and exhilarating Match Three Puzzle◆
Match 3 or more jewels of the same attribute to attack! Simply tap on the character to activate the skill.
Unleash the best attack on three-match puzzles!

◆ Appeared with a line-up of super-famous voice actors ◆
A total of 70+ super gorgeous voice actors are in charge!

◆Introducing the Tsukuyomi Boy◆
[Act country]
Shinsaku Takasagi (CV:KENN)
"In my dictionary, the four letters of Gaman are hidden!"

Kojiro Katsura (CV: Kaishasa Hosaya)
"This is not escape, it is strategic retreat."

Samurai Duck (CV: Junichi Soba)
"I don't need prepare to die… I'll protect you."

[Nation of War]
Ranmaru Moritaki (CV: Shota Aoi)
"The Noble protects you even if you die!"

Nobitaga Oda (CV: Kazuya Nakai)
"Pride it, you are the woman I admitted."

【Old Land】
Shota Shiro
"Do you think there's a better man in the world than me?"

Nakamura Scythe (CV: Tomoaki Maeno)
"I wonder if I have a right to enjoy something…"

【Current country】
Soshiro Summerme (CV: Takeshi Ono)
"The bird is nice, gracefully flying the sky……o I want to fry from some place."

Ryuki Unokan (CV: Kazuichi Inoue)
"Happiness is a time when happiness isn't a problem."

【The Land of Gangs】
Tsubasa Tokugawa (CV: Tomoki Ono)
"No reason to help people in need."

Ivem Tokugawa
"You're adding my collection to my collection, Age-le-Lu"

[Ya's Land]
Haruaki Abe (CV: Kouke Torikai)
"Do you still think that this world is beautiful?"

Teto Funera (CV: Takashi Sakurai)
"Beautifulness lies in the details. Who knows it?"

【Heavenly Kingdom】
Discover explosive (CV: Tomoichi Morigawa)
"The heaven of heaven is all of me. As the kingdom, I love the country and make my power for the people."

Orochi (CV: Hiroki Takahashi)
"It's a stupid woman to accept a monster like me"

And several more.
There are many unique Tuk Yomi boys!

◆ Recommended devices
Android OS 7.0 or later
※ Some devices are not supported (including tablets)

Shota Aoi / Yuta Aoki / Takeshi Akaban / Shinchoro Asanuma / Kofei Amaki / Seven Ruins Amano /
Hiromi Igarashi / Michiichi Iichi next / Taketo Ito / Kazuichi Iue / Yuma Uchida / Yuichiro Umehara / Takuya Eoku /
Junya Enoki / Ryota Alaska / Ryichiro Okashi / Kazuyo Kotsu / Takeshi Ono / Tokiaki Ono / Tetsuya Kashihara /
Yuki Kaji / Kyo Katayama / Ryo Kanemoto / Kengo Kawanishi / Kyouki Kimura / Ryoei Kimura / Rie Negiya / Kenya Kuaya /
KENN/Katsuyo Konishi/Yusuke Kobayashi/Takaichi Koto/Metsuyu Goto/Addictive Saiga/Takashi Sakurai/
Tetsuya Sato / Chiharu Shiro / Hiroshi Shieno / Yuusashi Shirai / Nigiri Barrel / Toichi Kazuda / Junichi Sakube / Yuji Setsu/
Kengo Takanashi / Naomi Jun Takahashi / Hiroki Takahashi / Ry Taketake
Takushi Terashi / Toshiyo Toyonera / Koji Torikai / Kazuya Nakai / Shin Nagai / Masato Nakasawa / Takuma Nagazuka / Myougo Nakamura /
Daiju Nami river / Kota Hiroshi / / Takeshi Noshi / Washi Hatano / Takeo Hata / Takeki Hanase / Taketo Hama /
Daiki Hamano / Shoichi Hayami / Daiju Hirawa / Jun Fukushi / until you think of him
Tomoaki Maeno / Toshiki Masuda / Syoha Takashi / Jokero Takashi / Shinichiro Miki / Inari Minase / Fushi Murata /
Tomoichi Morigawa / Taku Yachiyo / Seichiro Mountain Shita / Takeshi Yasuhara / Tsubasa Daiei / ROU

◆ New Opening Song "To The Future" ◆
Singing: Subi na Kona (CV. Naomoto Takahashi)
Song Song: Aiyo
Music by MIKOTO
Arranged by SHIKI
Sound Produced: MAGES.

◆Official information◆
[Official Website]
[Official Twitter]

【Jecrast Inc.-Service Introduction Page】


◆ Recommended for: ◆
・Like romance games for girls / otome free game apps
-Those who love male voice games (full voice, with voice)
・Like history games and RPGs with On-yojin, Genshin's story, Shinsangoku and legendary literary geniuses
-Play a dating sim for the first time in a Japanese game
・Want to enjoy character development with Otome free game apps
・Want to enjoy a game of the age (sengoku, endless days, etc.) or Japanese Motif (swords, treasures, legendary beasts, etc.)
・Meet handsome caressi and want to have love
・Make the wall stuffed, jaw-gunned
・Are longing for a fairy-tale love story
・Like games that can produce handsome romance

・You cannot play offline. Make sure you start with internet connection available.
(Data may be corrupted)
・If you uninstall the app, all purchased monthly stones, items and playing data are deleted.
・Please note that refunds for purchased lunar stones cannot be made.
-For more details, please check the "Terms of Use" in the app.
・Please use "Akaseka" for search words such as introductory articles. Please don’t let me pass.

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