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Nov 1, 2022
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Mod Features:

  • No Account Required
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  • No Ads
  • Mod work on all Android mobiles
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  • 4K Support
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  • All Region
  • No need to root android

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【Poker ●Drawing Cards】is an interesting game of poker 【Comparing luck】.

It is also called "Pumping Turtle" or "Dive Turtle" in Chinese, and it is called Poker Card Turtle Joker or Old Maid in English.

It is a game that whoever keeps the ghost card (turtle card) in his hand at the end is the loser.

Moreover, through the leaderboard, you can check your score ranking in the global world.

Special note: The collected information is only used for [Display Ads] and [Backup Game], so that you can still restore your game scores when you change your phone.

game rules :
– First, each player discards the same number of cards in their hand.
– In the first game, the player who opens the game will be the dealer, and the cards will be drawn first.
– In the next round, the winner is the dealer and the cards are drawn.
– Draw a card, in a counterclockwise direction, draw a card to the player on the right or left, if it has the same number as the card in the hand at this time, it can be discarded.
– In the end, because there is only one ghost card (turtle card), if you leave the ghost card in your hand at the end, whoever loses is the loser.

In addition, there are also self-created function cards (draw again, designate players, swap hands, reassign, clear numbers, return numbers) to make drawing cards more interesting.

Game Features :
– There are 4 options for scoring.
– Create new card patterns by yourself.
– Build your own style of trick cards.
– Offers 21 card patterns, 18 card suits, 22 number styles.
– Mix and match card patterns, suits, number patterns, animations, backgrounds at will.
– You can use the score to unlock the card pattern and suit.
– Click on the player to customize the player's logo and name.

What's new

● 在首頁【設定選項】裡的【手牌位置】項目,可調整手牌位置,避免廣告遮住手牌。
● 修正一些錯誤與問題。


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