ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険 -魂の絆-


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Oct 22, 2022
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▼ Recommended for people like this!
・ I'm interested in "Dragon Quest," "RPG," and "action."
・ I want to play RPGs based on manga and anime, especially jump works.
・ We are particular about action and story
・ I want to have an RPG that nurtures characters
・ I want to play a role-playing game with 3D characters

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump,
Recorded a cumulative circulation of 47 million copies
A timeless masterpiece that has made its name in the history of manga
A completely new animation of "Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken" is now on air!
The story of such "Dai no Daibouken"
Introducing a smartphone RPG that you can relive with the latest 3D animation!
-Promises with teachers, encounters with friends, destiny that cannot be escaped …
In order to save the world where the crisis has come, the adventure of the boy Dai who aims to be a hero begins! ~

■ "Great explosion" with friends! Dynamic 3 lane battle!
Simple and profound 3-lane battle that can be enjoyed with easy operation
Defeat the waiting enemies and push forward!
Experience the exhilarating "big explosion" action!

"Break" is the key to strong enemy battles!
When you hit the boss against the wall, "Break" is activated!
You can do a lot of damage to your breaking enemies!
"Avan Strash" "Bloody Scryed"
Hit the mysteries of great power such as "Beast King's Heart Attack" and "Mera-Zoma"!

There is also an auto function, so anyone can easily enjoy it!
Multiplayer for up to 3 players is also possible! Overcome strong enemies with your friends!

■ A story that unfolds in two worlds
Let's go back and forth between the two worlds, create a "bond" with your friends, and fight!

・ Original story: Dragon trail
The story "Dragon Quest" that follows the original story of "Dai no Daibouken"
Clear the quest and join the characters from "Dai no Daibouken"!

・ Original story: Kizuna no Journey
"Kizuna no Journey" is an original story supervised by Riku Sanjo, the original manga author!
Set in a mysterious world "Miradsia" that looks exactly like the world of "Dai no Daibouken"
You are the "hero of the bond" who will be the main character of the "journey of the bond"!
Becoming a "hero of bonds" born to protect the bonds of the world
Fight with the dies and protect the two worlds!

■ Become a "hero of bonds" and enjoy the world of "Dai no Daibouken"!
"Kizuna no Yuusha" can make characters that change hairstyles and face types. You can adventure in your favorite way!
You can also change jobs to various occupations such as "Brave", "Warrior", "Wizard", and "Warrior"!

■ Original characters appear one after another! Adventure at your favorite party!
Of course, Avan's apostles such as "Die", "Pop", "Maam", and "Leona"
You can also join the characters of the Demon King Army such as "Crocodyne", "Hyunkel", "Baran", and "Hudler"!
Let's party and adventure with your favorite friends!

■ Strengthen your equipment and skills to capture the quest!
Equipment and skills familiar from "Dai no Daibouken" are appearing one after another!
Equipment and skills can be strengthened.
Develop equipment and skills according to the quest, and challenge strong enemies!

■ Become stronger with the power of bonds!
When you go on an adventure with a character, "Kizuna Lv." Will be up!
By raising "Kizuna Lv.", You can see the secret story of the character that was not in the original,
The voice during the battle will change!

Furthermore, when "Kizuna Lv." Is up,
The area of ​​the "friend board" that grows characters has also expanded! Wider range of training!
Spin bonds and grow with your friends!

■ Enjoy the bonds between characters!
Many of the original characters that do not appear in the battle have also appeared as "Crystal of the Soul"!
"Soul Crystal" is a special item that sleeps the power of the character, and you can set up to 3 for each character!
By setting it, you can raise the character's stats,
You can activate "soul skills" with powerful effects and strengthen your character!

In addition, you can raise the level of "Soul Crystal" with an item called "Mashomizu"!
By increasing the level, the stats that can be strengthened will increase, and
"Resonance degree" increases according to the level, and the status is further strengthened!

The "resonance degree" changes even with the combination of the "soul crystal" that you set!
Let's deepen the bond and enjoy strengthening the character!

[About the subscription service "Gold Pass"]
Gold Pass is a paid service that allows you to get various benefits for a fixed monthly fee.

■ Price
Monthly 980 yen (tax included) / 1 month / Monthly automatic renewal

■ Benefits
1. You can perform one free 4 star treasure hunt at the time of your first purchase.
2. You can perform one free 4 star treasure hunt for every 3 purchases.
3. Once a month, you can select and acquire the 4 Star Soul Crystals that have been picked up.
4. Challenge quest drop rewards will increase
5. You can recover 60 stamina once a day for free
6. Increases the number of skip tickets earned in battles
7. Increased acquisition limit for scry candles
* Please check the in-app for details.

■ Validity period
The validity period of the Gold Pass is "1 month" from the date of purchase or automatic renewal.
The detailed number of days in a month is based on the mechanism of each OS

■ About automatic update
It is a mechanism to automatically make monthly purchases so that you can continue to enjoy the Gold Pass service.
With automatic renewal, you can continue to use the service without having to repurchase when the validity period expires.
When automatic renewal is performed, the validity period will be renewed one month each time.
Automatic renewal can be stopped by canceling the Gold Pass
Unless canceled, the Gold Pass will be automatically renewed every month and you will continue to be charged.
If you do not cancel, it will be automatically renewed within 24 hours before the expiration date and you will be charged.

■ About cancellation
You can cancel the contract at the OS store where you purchased the Gold Pass.
You cannot cancel your Gold Pass from within the app
Also, please note that the use of Gold Pass will not be stopped even if you delete the application or change the model.
If you wish to cancel, please complete the cancellation procedure at least 24 hours before the expiration date of your Gold Pass.
If you do not cancel, it will be automatically renewed within 24 hours before the expiration date and you will be charged.

■ Cancellation procedure
For detailed cancellation procedures, please check the "Cancellation Procedures" section on the Gold Pass purchase screen, or contact OS customer support.

[Recommended operating environment]
■ Android: Compatible with Android OS 7.0 or later.
* For some terminals, it may not work even with the above version or higher.

・ Planning and production: Square Enix Co., Ltd.
・ Planning / Development: DENA Co., Ltd.
・ Supervision: Yuji Horii

© Riku Sanjo, Koji Inada / Shueisha, Dai's Adventure Production Committee, TV Tokyo
© 2021, 2022 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 DeNA Co., Ltd.

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■ Terms of use



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